my skincare routine

As a beginning note - I have combination skin - it's both oily and dry. Thankfully I have found a pretty easy, simple routine that I have been using for a few years now that I really like. I hope this helps you if you're looking for a simple easy routine to try.
In February I did a poll on my Instagram stories (see below!) about pesky black heads. 
A lot of you are said that you also were struggling with the same problem I have - gross clogged pores. Nothing takes them away. Not even those strips you rip off. Those just *sort* of take them away - haha! 
I found a pretty easy solution. Like, a really easy one that doesn't hurt! A friend of mine (thank you R!) mentioned that she uses this Skin Scrubber
HUH? Well, I hopped right on Amazon and I bought one to try. IT WORKS. It's somehow a vibrating piece of metal spatula that lifts the grime out of your pores. I use it right after I wash my face while my face is still wet with water. Wa-LA! 
*Ew* Totally gross - but see below for what a quick pass on my nose looks like! 
I have loved this so much that I want to share one with one of you! If you have buy (or have already bought) a face scrubbie set from me, you are entered! Valid 5/1/21-5/31/21. 
To wash my face, I use an unscented soap from Crunchi, and one of my face scrubbies you can grab right here on my site: Reusable Face Rounds - 3 pack 
To finish, I use some of this Thayer's Witch Hazel which you can also use with one of the reusable face rounds. 
Tell me, what is your all time face care product? I would love to know! 

  • Laura on

    OMG I have the same skin problem right now! Thank you for sharing friend, this really helps! PS. I will have to buy one of those pore machines now haha

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